To Capitol Reef

Pictures from the Road

Windy and hot, we pull out of Border Inn RV Park leaving Wheeler Peak behind and the Snake Range overlooking the valley.

How hot is it? The warped picnic tables next to every site are an indication of the temperature of the Great Basin.

They kind of resemble the formation of the Basin as well, sunk in the middle and uplifted on the ends!

Here’s the real deal below… the valley of sagebrush and then the narrow mountain range:

We’re still on 50 headed east. Up ahead we see a bright white patch of land.

Is it a lake? Is it a salt flat? Actually it’s both… It shows up on the map of Utah as Sevier Lake (Dry).

Casey starts acting like he has to go out so we finally find a place where we can pull over. The wind grasps the outer door and that gizmo on the bottom, that keeps the door open, snaps off!

A couple in a 5th Wheel pull up after us to ask if everything is okay. There are good, kind people in this world!

We stop in Delta, Utah to grocery shop. Well, Jeff shops and I stay in the air-conditioned RV with the dogs. The last real grocery store was back in Ely, 153 miles ago from here, but about 70 miles from Border Inn RV Park. (Note to self: When you’re traveling on the Loneliest Road in America, stock up and find out where full service grocery stores are located on your route.) So, we did our homework and found a half-decent one in Delta right off Highway 50. On a scale of 1-5 basket carts, Jeff gives Quality Mart a  🛒   🛒   🛒.

Leaving the Great Basin region… the Wasatch Range looms ahead:

The colors of Utah are phenomenal!

Intermittent rain… It’s been 7 months since we’ve seen any…


And we arrive at Sand Creek RV Park and Camp in Torrey, Utah, just a few miles outside of Capitol Reef National Park.

Here’s the view outside the kitchen window as the sun goes down:

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