The Mystery of Upheaval Dome

Canyonlands National Park

Upheaval Dome is a geological wonder. Its rock layers are fractured and tilted, forming a circular depression more than 2 miles wide.

A short, steep trail leads to 2 overlooks.

Cairns guide the way.


How did this unique and mysterious rock feature form?

Scientists propose 2 potential causes: a salt dome that cracked and tilted the rock over time, or a violent meteorite impact that instantly fractured the rock. Believe it or not, findings support the meteorite hypothesis. But the jury is still out.

After about a mile, we reach the second overlook and play “king of the mountain” on top of the Navajo sandstone boulder.

It always takes us twice as long to hike out because once I start taking pictures, I can’t stop!

It starts as soon as we get out of the car…

Today I am fascinated with the tree sculptures posing in front of rocky backgrounds:

This one is my favorite!

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