Columbus, Ohio

We spend an evening with Jeff’s sister, Jan, in Indianapolis. Bob and Jan bought a small camper that they park at Heartland RV Resort  in Greenfield, Indiana for the summer season.

We were able to find space here as well, so Jan joined us after work on Friday, August 18th. She is a manager and sommelier (wine steward) at a restaurant in Indianapolis.

Saturday we arrive in Delaware, Ohio, north of Columbus and about 30 minutes from Ollie Land, where we spend the next 9 nights at Alum Creek State Park. (I should say Jeff spends the nights here. I stay at Ollie’s for 4 of those nights.)

Alum Creek State Park

Behind the RV, a path leads to a trail.

The summer wildflowers are beautiful but the humidity and biting bugs are unbearable.


Ollie and his dad (my son, Brian) drive me back to the RV on Sunday and stay for a quick cookout.

…the fire and the outside temperature!

We stay inside the RV where the air conditioning provides comfort.

Oliver is not sure what to make of our home on wheels. And he hasn’t napped all weekend, so he is not a happy camper…

His po’d look…

But then he starts coming around…


And I manage to get the start of a smile…

Now he’s a happy camper!

His surprised face…
Pinching his nose…
Counting his fingers…
Tickling his knees…
Making a happy face!

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