Where Have I Been For 3 Months?

So, Where Did I Wander?

The last time I posted, Jeff and I were in Delaware, OH visiting my grandson in Ollie Land. We left August 28th and returned to the Denver, CO area where Jeff parked the RV in his son David’s driveway. On September 2nd I flew back to Columbus, OH

IMG_3090to help my son, Brian and daughter-in-law, Jen get ready for the birth of Oliver’s new baby brother or sister. Jeff stayed in Colorado with his sons, Andy and David and Andy and Daisy’s 4 children (Jernigan Land).

IMG_8129 IMG_8132 IMG_8134

When I arrive in Ollie Land, Oliver is potty-training…


My son, John, spends a weekend and he and Brian paint a mountain mural on Oliver’s new bedroom walls.


Meanwhile the new baby’s due date comes and goes…


Until October 12th… At 4:04 PM the new baby arrives… It’s a girl!!!

IMG_3117 Reagan Rose


Oliver immediately steps up to the plate and assumes his role as big bro…

IMG_3128 IMG_3170


I am invited to stay for Halloween…


But on November 4th I say goodbye…

IMG_3236 IMG_3241

IMG_3244 IMG_3240


… and tearfully fly back to Denver where Jeff eagerly awaits with his own fun times in Jernigan Land.


IMG_8751 IMG_8754 IMG_8755

IMG_8753 IMG_8752

On November 7th… Another bittersweet goodbye…


…as Jeff and I head west to California for a warm winter.

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