Heading West Part 3

Phoenix, AZ to Blythe, CA… November 11th


Today’s drive is a short one. The distance between Apache Junction, AZ to Blythe, CA is only 185 miles. Just outside of Phoenix we catch Interstate 10. After crossing the Colorado River, we enter CA. Blythe is the first town off of the 10 at the junction of US 95. We spend the night at Burton’s Mobile Home and RV Park because of its easy access off and on the Interstate.




The picture below is the space we pull into, parallel to the chain link fence and scenic view of residents’ coiffed back yards.


Lovely, isn’t it? I bet you can guess what we nicknamed Blythe. Here are a few more pictures in case you need a few more clues:




If the word Blight crosses your mind, you are correct. It doesn’t help that the day is overcast. And we aren’t here long enough to meet anyone or explore the other parts of the city. According to en.m.wikipedia.org, Blythe is an agricultural area in the Colorado Desert section of the Sonoran Desert along the Colorado River. Since it is 4 hours away from 10% of the country, it is a great stopover city, especially between Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.

I know better than to judge a book by its cover because its pages may be precious. Such is the case with Blythe, as I discovered after we left.

Look closely at the picture below.


Can you see a head, body, arms, and legs?

This is one of the Blythe Intaglios or Geoglyphs found in the Colorado Desert about 15 miles north of downtown Blythe. Intaglio is an art term applied to burial mounds referring to a design cut into a hard surface. A geoglyph is a gigantic figure incised on the ground by humans for some unknown reason. (en.m.wikipedia.org) Best viewed from the air, the Blythe Intaglios include 3 human figures, 2 four-legged animals, and a spiral.

Final Destination… Blythe, CA to San Jacinto, CA… November 12th

Another short day as we continue along Interstate 10 West through Desert Center…


…and the Coachella Valley along the southern edge of Joshua Tree National Park.


We stop for gas and notice the evidence of the homeless population…


…and the widespread litter problem we have observed in the lesser known cities of California.


Continuing along the 10 West, we pass through Indio…


…Thousand Palms…


…and Cathedral City…


In Beaumont we exit the 10 and catch State Highway 79.



San Jacinto is about 15 miles from Beaumont where 79 becomes Sanderson Avenue.

We arrive at our winter home in San Jacinto at the Diamond Valley RV Resort shortly before 1:00 PM.


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