Diamond Valley RV Resort


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Our Space

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How we rigged the sewer house…

0C736E71-3769-4959-BAC4-58457C514F63 The connection to the sewer is elevated, preventing gravity to allow the hose to drain properly. After walking around the RV Park, we noted how other permanent residents resolved this problem. So Jeff came up with an inexpensive alternative using plastic buckets, pvc pipes, and a hand saw that we took turns using, to create a “slide” for the hose. (TMI?) 

Other Spaces




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I know it doesn’t look like a Resort, but “don’t judge a book by its cover” which I probably did in my previous  post on Blythe, CA. (Mea culpa)

In between the long-term residents’ colorful and cozy spaces are a scattering of newer RVs. 




Office and Ammenities


4529B8A0-F983-4334-93D6-64356A70DB7E 3CDC8313-39AF-41BB-AFDB-5CEDB741EDB6

145DD695-B5C1-47DD-AB39-067B797FA861 a beautiful outdoor patio

423CF3ED-5DF3-48F9-B711-B9FE81EB57E6 a heated pool and hot tub

A39A23E1-09A6-4EC8-8977-ED5A193A6FD8 For $5.50 we can wash and dry 2 full loads of laundry! 

6378F755-7540-44AA-B624-152D5019796C the Club House


5F9B7536-8940-4759-A340-2DEE65C69C20 and lending library

On November 21st every resident was invited to a pre-Thanksgiving catered dinner. But wait, There’s more! After dinner each RV space received a raffle ticket and then we played Bingo. Jeff and I yelled, “Bingo!” twice and took home headphones and a rotating light show projector of stars and moons. During the Bingo Games raffle tickets were drawn. From grand prizes of a computer laptop, big-screen TV, and a multi-purpose mini outdoor grill, each RV space received a prize.  We won a Cuisinart toaster with Bagel, Defrost, and Reheat settings. Meanwhile we met Diana and her daughter, Alex, and schmoozed with others. (Well, at least I did!) 

As the dinner experience broke up, people piled up paper plates with leftovers and desserts. Really? Even the edible decorations were disassembled and taken home! Against the wall was an arrangement of fruit, kind of like a cornucopia minus the goat’s horn, flowers and corn. Among this array of fruits were light red-orange, small, apple-looking items topped with green blossoms. I thought they were some kind of pepper or tomatoes. When we left, all of the bananas and apples were picked over. So I figured no one would miss a few of these mysterious fruit whatevers. I took 3. Later I learned they were persimmons. 

160D14C6-1D13-4CCD-9007-89297208931D A gentleman told me to let them sit out for another week until they were very soft. To eat them, he suggested I cut off the top and simply scoop up the insides with a spoon. So I followed his advice and enjoyed mildly sweet spoonfuls of soft red-orange goodness, reminding me of the consistency of a kiwi fruit. 

D2519EAF-BAA5-4B60-B819-256EB6A9EE2A The dog park even supplies its own “poopie” bags! However, someone does not pick up after their dogs. Seriously? 



3A0C2B35-D51F-4AAB-9C73-C1969369C195 When we first arrived the grass was green but daily hose-watering cannot compete with the desert sun. 

4B83A2D6-B886-4653-B821-8D5294F0192E Here we have met Vickie, another Diana, and Rick. Rick helped design and landscape the dog park and takes pride in its appearance. So, we all are appalled by the person or persons not picking up after their pets. We suspect the same culprit but cannot prove it yet. According to the RV Park rental agreement, failure to clean up after your pet results in a fine of $100.

Beside the dog park, a passionate gardener is planting a community vegetable garden.


But I would say that the biggest amenity here is the people! Residents are outgoing and friendly, starting with the management. Mooshy runs the office. Ron is the resident handyman. Abraham lives and works here too. Behind us lives Janey and her 3 dogs. Maggie just moved in with her dog, Piper. Across the street are another Rick and Allison. Marla lives down the street. Elliot and Sherry’s space is surrounded by a garden of potted plants. (Sherry is responsible for cultivating and planting the vegetable garden next to the dog park.) Good people. Good energy. A caring neighborhood.

Outside The Gates


Diamond Valley RV Resort is nestled in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains at the corner of State Street and Ramona Boulevard. Avid walkers, Jeff and I pound the pavement daily for an hour or more. When sidewalks end we travel on dirt or the street encountering many homeless people, churches, schools, trailer parks, tire stores, Mexican markets, and lots of litter. Not exactly pretty, but wait… 

DCBF4A57-A349-4974-B14A-634DD4540B96 83A710D7-B9F9-40F0-8A6C-459B3E55787B

6664035B-33E3-469B-939F-58BFE486A4E7 1E60CD41-6AE1-4B07-91D2-01AFFDAB858B

60B25F98-6B6F-4F73-9D4D-C405276F5624 persimmons

96D3B8E7-B282-4180-84DE-34833B5A1321 a massive tumbleweed!

ECB59FD5-E1DF-4DBD-A5F5-94D162FC1C07 We collected a bouquet of these on the ground along Ramona Expressway. Don’t know what they are but they look great on top of our nature “curio shelf.”


DD22AAE0-5390-4E70-AC19-B4660C207FA5 Seasons’ Greetings from the desert…

20BABEFA-738C-4251-A79C-3CDFA51D8B9D St. Anthony Catholic Church

B43EDD6E-D1D6-4A40-B3BF-A4C7D5521BCC a tiny shrine to St. Anthony built from stonesby F.J. Walkowiak in 1936

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