Diamond Valley Lake Part 2

North Hills Trail


The North Hills Trail runs for 6.5 miles east and west and somewhat parallel to the Domenigoni Parkway, skirting the Diamond Valley Lakeview Trail. See the yellow line in the map above.

There is a dirt parking area at the East Trailhead and unlike the Marina, you can park here free. A donation box with envelopes for a $2 per person contribution is located in the parking lot. You simply fill in your name and vehicle information, enclose your cash, rip off the receipt to take with you, and slide it into the slit of the box. But the box is too full so we carry our cash and envelope with us.

Jeff thinks we are going to hike out for about 40 minutes and then turn back, however I have different plans. In 2.7 miles there is a Lake View Point to trek to and that is my goal.

I don’t take any pictures until we reach the View of Diamond Lake so I find some taken by other hikers.

I remember this marker well. It is looking back 1 mile out from the trailhead.

F5F091B2-81FB-4A0B-A3B4-42752942233D alltrails.com, courtesy of Chris Ibbeson, 1/13

After walking 2 miles the trail starts to climb and pull away from the highway.

6CFDB080-8849-4735-8F57-1FC42E617ACE alltrails.com, courtesy of Chris Ibbeson, 1/13

My eye is on the prize to reach the top so I cajole Jeff to go “just a little further” to the next bend and then another and then just one more. Meanwhile, we put one foot in front of the other to reach the top, gaining an elevation of some 500 feet.

669CBFB0-6372-4F9A-95D2-23DCF63481D1  alltrails.com, courtesy of Brian Johnston, 2017


Halfway to the top a barbed wire fence separates us from the Lakeview Trail. Jeff and I remember passing this way on December 1st.


And we continue climbing around the rim until we reach a wide-path detour…


…and arrive at the overlook of the lake. There’s even a picnic table waiting there.


All in all, a fun hike and a good workout.

Footnote: I dedicate this hike to my mother who passed away on this date 5 years ago. This one’s for you, mother!

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