Idyllwild Again

Route 243 from Banning

This route into the San Jacinto Mountains does not disappoint.

We discover new trails off State Route 243. But today our plan is to drive to Humber Park and take the Scenic Trail.

I mean, what do you think of when you hear scenic  trail? For some reason Jeff and I think of a nature trail… an easy loop, short and sweet, maybe a mile or two.


Scenic is an appropriate adjective…

Suicide Rock…

Tahquitz Peak…

The mahogany colored bark of the Manzanita Trees mesmerizes us.

A look inside a fallen tree trunk…

After 50 minutes of oohing and aahing and stopping to take pictures we come to the twofold conclusion that this Scenic Trail is neither a loop or a short hike. Later, we find out that the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail is a 5.2 mile out and back trail that can continue for another 7.2 miles out and back after linking into the South Ridge Trail. We’re not tired but we decide to turn back anyway and return again another day soon.

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