Viva Las Vegas

We are on the road again. Today’s destination is an RV Park in Henderson, NV about 10 miles from the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip.

Leaving CA we take the 215 to the 15 passing through San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Apple Valley, Victorville and through the Mojave Desert.

From the highway we catch sight of the world’s largest thermometer in the town of Baker.

As soon as we hit the state border, we know we are in Nevada:

Around 3:30 we arrive at the Desert Sands RV Resort in Henderson where we can spend the night for only $25… full hookup and 50 amp.

By 5:30 we are on the Las Vegas Strip.

We park in the nearest self-parking garage and walk around. Not all streets have cross walks or connecting sidewalks so elevators and/ or stairs take you up, across, and down again. The skywalks also lead into casinos and shops.

Around 7:00 it starts getting dark.

The Strip comes alive. The sidewalks get crowded. People sip beers and tall colorful alcoholic beverages. Discount show ticket kiosks pop up, the smell of weed passes by, and outstretched hands pass out cards for hooking up, and not the kind I usually refer to when I talk about the RV.

We take an escalator up to a food court and grab a quick bite from Panda Express. Then we head down to the Bellagio’s water show.

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