Zion National Park Part 4

A Day Off and a Gem of a Trail…

Sunday, March 18th, is cold and rainy in Zion.

So, we relax and do laundry and hunker down.

Rise and shine to a new day…

We walk to the Visitor Center and catch the shuttle to Zion Lodge where we catch the trail to Lower Emerald Pools.

This trail system leads to 3 sets of pools up and down the canyon. Rare in a desert environment, perennial seeps and springs continually recharge the pools. The green algae micro-habitat gives the waters an emerald hue. (plaque at trailhead)

Lower Pool…

Heading to Upper Pool…

Upper Pool…

The upper pool sits directly under a 300 foot cliff face. (plaque at trailhead)

Heading back via the Kayenta Trail to the Grotto Shuttle Stop…

This trail is narrow and steep with numerous rolling hills and unprotected drop-offs. (plaque at trailhead)

At the Grotto Stop we walk back to Zion Lodge on the Grotto Trail along the Zion Canyon Road. We thought there was a trail from here to a grotto, but we were wrong. The Grotto Trail just connects the Zion Lodge Shuttle Stop to the Grotto Shuttle Stop.  …wish we had walked along the Virgin River instead… Oh well…

Before we board the shuttle back to the Visitor Center, I take this pic of the canyon overlooking Zion Lodge:

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