Leaving Zion

Denver, Colorado Bound


We break up our trip east into 3 days of travel on I-70.

First stop… Salina, Utah where we spend the night at Butch Cassidy Campground. A short day…

March 22nd

The landscape of Utah never fails to impress me. The tall rock structure below reminds me of a rook piece in a chess game or a giant you know what…

We enter Colorado and spend the night in Grand Junction.

We’ve stayed here once before at Junction West RV Park.

March 23rd

What a day of extreme weather! It’s our last stretch into Denver where we will park the RV at “Campbell Campground”, otherwise known as Patty and Mike’s driveway.

The day starts out with cloudy gray skies.

The further east we travel, the clouds spill raindrops.

Approaching Vail we ascend into the clouds.

It takes us over an hour to get through Vail as we get sprinkled with snow.

And an accident delay…

And a chain requirement for all commercial vehicles…

And finally the weather clears up…

And an hour later in Lawson the sky turns bright blue…

Fifty miles later we travel through the outskirts of Denver and arrive in Jernigan Land!

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