Catching Up With Family

Jernigan Land

Friday, march 23rd

After setting up the RV at the “Campbell Campground RV Resort”, (Thank you Mike and Patty for letting us park in your driveway for 17 days!) we notice how gritty the car and RV are. I mean they are covered in soot from the salted, snowy roads of Interstate 70. It’s disgusting to even grab the door handles.

We pop in to see David. Then we make a quick run to the grocery store before stopping in to say Hi 👋 to Andy, Daisy, Emjay, Jasley, Jace, and Eliska. It gets crazy in Jernigan Land because we want to spend time with everyone at once, and even though David and Andy live only 10-15 minutes apart, we have to make plans around busy schedules.

We scheduled our visit around the grandchildren’s Spring Break and spend time playing tag at the school’s 3 playgrounds, a short walk from home. Of course I take videos of the girls’ climbing stunts. But Jace prefers to pose and smile.

While Daisy and Andy go out on a movie date, Jeff and I stay with the kids. Uncle David sends us with the movie Jumanji, but the kids are too active to sit still and watch a movie. They would rather be outside running around or inside jumping around and playing lava monster, a variation of tag where your feet cannot touch the floor.

One morning we wake up to a winter wonderland.

But by afternoon the snow is all gone, so typical of Denver weather.

Patty and I take some “us” time and she gets a pedicure while I get a manicure.

David, Jeff, and I watch The Shape Of Water, this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture. We all agree the cinematography is beautiful; the scenes are color-enhanced in teals, greens, and reds. The acting is good. The early 1960’s setting is authentic. But the movie itself leaves us wondering why it won the Oscar.

Jasley and Emjay return to school after Spring Break but the twins’ have an extra week off because their preschool teachers have 5 days of inservice.

While I am visiting my family in Ohio, Jeff goes with Andy and the kiddos to the Denver Zoo and Lollipop Park, an indoor children’s amusement park. Of course, most of the time he just plays with them outside or at the school playground.

Patty and Mike fly to Orlando for a getaway and Jeff spends time with David, watching the first season of Westworld, some mixed martial arts fights, going out to lunch, and cooking dinner.

Kelly Land aka Ollie and Reagan Land

Wednesday, March 28th

I fly out to Columbus, Ohio to visit with Brian, Jen, Oliver, Reagan, and Jen’s family. Reagan is almost 6 months old now and OMJeepers how she has grown… almost crawling, almost sitting up, and always quick to smile.

Oliver’s 3rd Birthday takes place at Piccadilly, an indoor play area and cafe. Brian and I decorate a cake, well I just offer moral support after researching how to “draw” Daniel Tiger’s face.

Family and friends gather and play and eat. Oliver is so happy to see Ben and Lola from his former Day Care. He and Ben fall to the floor hugging each other.

Brian and Jen request no presents but of course the family can’t resist… a bike, puzzles, a basketball hoop, dress-up clothes, a soccer ball, a set of carpenter tools, and clothes…

Jen and Brian have a new stone patio. They’ve been waiting a long time to start remodeling their house.

The steps to the kitchen door have been removed and a new door will be installed where the bay window now stands. You can see the steps are already there.

Make sure you notice the absence of gumballs lying on the ground. The tree above is covered with these nasty little prickly things. I spend several hours picking up all that have fallen. Unfortunately the next day the ground is covered again. When my son John visited in January he also attacked the gumballs.

Speaking of John, he is now living in a cottage in the countryside of Ireland, not far from the Atlantic Ocean. Outside his humble abode cows and lambs stop over for a visit.

And my other son, Andy, has just moved to London. After a glorious day walking the countryside with his dog, who has just arrived from Minneapolis, Andy wakes up the next morning and has to rush Dewey in a cab to a veterinary hospital. It’s touch and go for several days but Dewey pulls through and returns home to “Dad.” Stay healthy Dewey, you gave us all a big scare.

Jen’s Mom and I go out to lunch. Oliver calls her Mawga and I am Grammy L, or sometimes just L.

The twins arrive… 2 girls!… Leah and Lydia. Congratulations, Julie and Brad and big brother Caleb. We visit them in the hospital and of course I leave my phone back at the house so I don’t have any pictures. Julie is Jen’s sister.

Meanwhile, Oliver enjoys putting puzzles together, reading books, sliding down his tumbling mats, singing, playing basketball, and playing with his new Duplo LEGO horse ranch set. He and I take our horses and riders around the house yelling, “Neigh!”, only stopping to give the horses water and hay. Oliver also serves me up some apple soup with the tiny shovel from the building block set.

Oh, did I forget to mention that he also likes to eat?

Faelan celebrates his 10th Birthday on April 7th.

We spend my last day at a dance competition. Jen’s other sister, Jess, owns a dance studio and has several students participating.  Then Brian takes us to his office. Later, after Oliver and Reagan, well actually all of us wake up from naps, the family goes swimming.

My plane leaves at 7 AM the next morning.

Back in Colorado

Monday, April 9th

I arrive in Denver before 10 AM. We move the RV to Cherry Creek Park for our last 2 nights so we can dump the black tank and do laundry.

Jeff, David, and I go out to dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ.

Our last evening we spend with the kids. Jeff and Eliska make macaroni and cheese.

Jace plays with his cars, watches cartoons, and plays on his Kindle.

Then Jeff and I take Jasley and Emjay to Skate City which is reserved for Emjay’s middle school. The girls take off so fast, it’s really hard to get a focused picture of them.

They skate for 2 hours, stopping only to grab some nachos, a hot dog, chips, and sodas. Jasley falls asleep in the car ride home. Emjay’s eyes are all red and watery from the air rushing at her as she whizzes across the skating rink. Both girls agree they will be sore tomorrow.

Speaking about tomorrow,  we hit the road again as we head to Port Orford, Oregon.

Bye Everyone, we love you! Thank you for all the good times.

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