Our Oregon Trail

The Road Less Traveled

The map below highlights our proposed route to Klamath Falls, Oregon:

From downtown  Winnemucca to U.S. 95 North…

The street sign above coincidentally reflects the Garmin’s opinion of our route. But more on that after I share a few pictures of Nevada’s landscape as we drive through the middle of nowhere from U.S. 95 to State Route 104 West.

Now is where the malarkey sets in. The Garmin, we call her Gremlin, does not like our choice of taking Route 140 West just south of Denio.

For some reason, Gremlin does not want us to take 140 through the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

We take it anyway. It’s a scenic drive and more of a direct route west. Too bad the RV windshield isn’t cleaner. Can you tell which pictures I took from my opened window?

After crossing into Oregon we understand why Gremlin wants us to avoid 140 West. (Look, Ma! No casinos at this state line.)

We encounter a stretch of road that is an 8% decline down a narrow passage with no guard rails.

The pictures above just don’t capture the height and width, though. But soon we level out and breathe again.

Jeff’s driving skills and comfort levels sure have been tested on this trip west from Colorado!

We know we are in Oregon because it starts getting greener.

A dirt devil crosses the road.

Adel, Oregon to Lakeview…

The scenery is becoming  lush and green.

And there are traces of the remaining snow.

We still have about 100 miles to Klamath Falls where we spend the night at a KOA Campground.

A long day and an adventure on scenic Route 140… Happy campers!

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