Klamath Falls to Port Orford

No Direct Route to the Coast

As the crow flies, Port Orford is only about 145 miles away from Klamath Falls. But there is no easy way to drive across the hilly forests and wandering streams to the southern coast of Oregon.

There are only 2 choices. Either head south into California and connect with U.S. Route 101 North or head north toward Roseburg and take Highway 42 to Bandon and connect with Route 101 South. We choose the latter, more familiar roads.

But here’s what we wake up to in Klamath Falls…

Once again our Garmin named Gremlin does not want us to take  Highway 140. And once again we defy her orders and travel a scenic route along Upper Klamath Lake…

and through the Rogue River National Forest…

So now we drive through snowy icy roads wondering if we will need tire chains and have to turn back.

So far so good. We descend slowly from an elevation over 5,000 feet and reassure each other that the snow will end on lower ground. And voila!

At Central Point we enter Interstate 5 North, the one and only Interstate in Oregon.

But in southern Oregon this major thoroughfare is so beautiful.

As we pass through Grants Pass we get pounded with a sudden deluge of rain and sleet.

Just south of Winston we exit the freeway in Dillard and take a familiar shortcut to Highway 42 West. Two years ago we spent the summer in Remote, Oregon off of 42.

We notice new hillsides that have been scalped for logging as we pass through Tenmile and Camas Valley.

We pass the Remote Outpost where we stayed for 3 months in 2016. After we left the RV Park passed hands to new ownership.

Continuing on 42 West we drive through Bridge, Myrtle Point, and Coquille where we plan on taking 42 S, a 17 mile spur road to Highway 101 in Bandon.

Once again Gremlin argues with our proposed route on 42 to the coastal highway and we ignore her for better or worse. After all, we have been across this stretch several times by car in the past 2 years. But I will admit that I am SO glad when, at last, we turn south on 101 in Bandon. In an RV 42 S is a narrow 2-lane road with exciting curves around each bend. The RV shakes from side to side as we hug the Coquille River. I try to concentrate on and enjoy the idyllic scenery of grazing baby lambs and quaint farmhouses set amongst green pastures. Still, I reiterate, I am so happy when we are on a route approved of by the Gremlin lady.

Bandon is a little less than 30 miles north of Port Orford.

Fields of blooming yellow gorse are everywhere, but when I take a picture the green leaves distort the vibrancy of the flowers.

As we leave Coos County and cross into Curry County we pass through the town of Langlois then Denmark then Sixes…

And, through the raindrops, Jeff declares, “We are home.”

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