Beach Bumming

Agate Beach Again…

Today we head north from our RV site to Paradise Point Road that takes us along Garrison Lake to the ocean. Then we walk south along Agate Beach and exit across the dunes at Tseriadun Recreation Site.

Paradise Point is a parking area overlooking an expansive coastal vista stretching from Port Orford Heads to Cape Blanco and the lighthouse. It’s a great spot for watching the sun set or just visiting the ocean without leaving your car.

The pictures below are taken from above the beach.

At the end of the parking area a steep hill curves through the dunes and leads to the beach.

Descending the dunes we notice 2 kites flying and 3 fishermen casting their lines a safe distance from the water, atop a sand ledge sculptured by the crashing waves.

For an hour we dig for agates and slowly make our way south toward the Heads and Tseriadun. Each time we find an agate we have to find just one more before moving on.

Then we stop digging and attempt a serious effort to continue along the beach, all the while looking down at the tiny rocks and stopping to pick up “could-be” agates.

As I stand tall to stretch my back, I capture the flavor of the beach.

Instead of sand castles, visitors build sculptures out of driftwood.

A tangle of bull kelp…

The picture below is a huge driftwood log bent at a 90 degree angle, the thickest part buried in pebbly sand imported from some powerful waves.

The Heads jutting out ahead…

More sculpture…

We’re getting close to Tseriadun.

On the way home I spy with my little eye this spider web made from driftwood.

Then this colorful shrub catches my attention. New growth arrives in spurts of yellow, red, and lime-green leaves before turning spring green.

Here’s our cache from today… agates, jaspers, driftwood, and seashells.

Bet you couldn’t just find one either!

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