Port Orford Heads 2018

And Coast Guard Hill Road

Today we head south from our RV site on Idaho Street to 9th Street West and up Coast Guard Hill Road to Port Orford Heads State Park and the Coast Guard Museum. It’s about a 2 mile walk from where we live.

As we climb the uphill road we encounter several deer resting in yards and staring out at us. I wave as we pass by.

The closer we approach the Heads, we catch a glimpse of the ocean and Humbug Mountain.

Then the Coast Guard Museum comes into view.

We’re almost there and our cardiovascular system thanks us.

Finally, we arrive and take the Headland Trail leading to spectacular ocean views where we can observe the sea lions hanging out and, in the past, a whale or two.  The very end of the trail overlooks Agate Beach and Garrison Lake. Cape Blanco juts out in the distance.

The east trail hugs Nellie’s Cove where Coast Guard crews once descended 532 steps to the boathouse that held two 36-foot motor lifeboats.

The water here is a vivid turquoise.

From this side of the Heads you can see Humbug Mountain and Battle Rock Beach in the distance.

Just look at the trunk of this humongous tree or is it trees? We come across quite a few of these high risers with fat trunks. Jeff guesses they are yews because of their leaves. Pacific yews maybe? Apparently their bark contains a chemical called taxol which has been used in treating some types of cancer.

The trail ends at the Lookout Tower Site  with a southeast view of Humbug Mountain, Redfish Rocks, and Island Rock.

The southwest view overlooks hills that roll into the ocean.

We leisurely walk back through the sloping west side meadow. As we exit the forest and head in to the sun, a cluster of irises greets us.

As I pause to take a picture, I glance back and capture this perspective of the rolling meadow curving into the forest above.

We head back toward the Coast Guard Museum.

The ocean views keep coming. Jeff and I repeat over and over to each other, “So beautiful.”

It’s time to return home. I wonder what picture opportunities await me and it doesn’t take me long to find some.

Oh, before I forget… While walking the trails today we crossed paths twice with an older gentleman who walks around the Heads everyday it’s not raining. Later we discover he lives behind us at Camp Blanco RV Park. A fitting ending to my trail tale…


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