Geysers of Waves

Agate Beach 2018

Today we walk to Tseriadun State Recreation Site to gain access to Agate Beach. Our plan is to slog north through the thick sand, exit at Paradise Point, and return home.

As we cross through the sand dunes we notice a spray of white sea droplets shooting up from the rocks. And they keep coming like a fireworks display. They remind me of spurting geysers in Yellowstone National Park.

The waves are especially strong today and as they hit the rocky shore to the south, they explode. So cool!

Jeff and I climb up onto the rocks to get a better view. I capture one spectacular view after another.

Then we climb higher.

Eventually the waves get larger and spill over onto the lower set of rocks where we were just standing.

Did I forget to mention that the beach below us is a wide stream and that the only way back is over these same rocks?

The waves here are unpredictable and can be dangerous so we make our way back to the dry beach again. But what a glorious experience…

We head north along the beach looking out to the sea, looking beyond to the coast, and mostly looking down to the treasures buried in the sand.

We fill up our pockets with agates, jaspers, rocks that call our name, and seashells or parts of seashells. The smooth segments, polished by the sea and sand, I call “worry shells” because you can hold them between your fingers and rub them like a “worry stone” when feeling anxious or unsettled.

We reach the beach access at Paradise Point where we climb through the sand dunes and walk home along Paradise Point Road.

As we cross Garrison Lake, I look through the trees and take this picture of Humbug Mountain rising in the distance.

Upon returning to the RV, we unload our pockets and admire our newest collection of beach treasures.

Especially awesome is this blue and white rock with 2 distinctive personalities.

Side 1…

…and Side 2

But for me today, my beach treasures are really the geysers of waves and the unexpected view of Humbug Mountain from Paradise Point Road.

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