‘Neath the Rock

Battle Rock Beach 2018

We walk the mile or so to Battle Rock Wayside Park along Highway 101, called Oregon Street here in Port Orford.

I find flowers along the way that capture my fancy.

The petals of these bright pink flowers resemble crepe paper.

These blooms look like salal, but they are not.

Purple violet-like flowers and pink-tinged daisies make their home in a large sawed-off wooden barrel.

We have no agenda except to walk, enjoy, and observe the changing seascape.

As we head toward Hubbard Creek’s spillage into the ocean, we meet 2 librarians from Utah. They carry thick rods with a scoop on the end. I assume they are clamming. Curious, I approach them to learn more. No, they aren’t clamming… just scooping up treasures from the beach without bending over.

We trade stories and share our delight for Port Orford.

Meanwhile, Jeff and I scoop up our own treasures that we collect in our bulging pockets.

As we return to Battle Rock we take advantage of the low tide to explore the cave-like crevices at the foot of the rock and to walk through the natural tunnel to the other side of the beach.

Do you recognize the mountain in the distance, the tallest one on the Oregon Coast? If you said Humbug, you are right!

Do you see the colony of white in the middle of the right side of the rock above? Does that make sense? Below is a close-up of these barnacles, mussels, and shells attached to the rocks.

Here’s the tunnel to the other side…

So, we walk through.

We arrive at the other side of Battle Rock to a mini-beach that ends at a bluff. Beyond it is the beach at the dock.

We collect some sea glass among the rocks.

Here’s a pic of the other side of Battle Rock.

And the view through the tunnel with Humbug towering in the distance…

As we return and head back, I discover the path the 4-wheel-drive vehicles take to access the beach.

The piles of driftwood still amaze me.

And a fishing boat reminds me of Port Orford’s natural resources.

As we make our way up the hill toward the Wayside parking lot, I can’t help myself. I just have to take pics of these colorful blooms of spring.

Back at the RV we unload our pockets and display our newest collection of beach treasures.

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