Something’s Fishy

“Fishy, fishy in the brook…”

The fishy is a rainbow trout and actually it was caught in Garrison Lake.

“Papa caught it on a hook…”

Actually, our neighbor, Kenneth caught it with his fishing rod.

“Mama fries it in a pan…”

Oh hell, no! Jeff fillets the trout and cooks it.

“Baby eats it like a man…”

“Jeff shows Kenneth the cooked pan…”

Then we eat it as fast as we can!

3 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy

  1. My baby brother who passed had a recipe glaze for trout that brought out the flavor. A honey and apple juice glaze with minced onion and either garlic powder though he preferred mince garlic as well. Then baking it. Whereas trout is fishy tasting like catfish it is still fishy tasting and his glaze eliminated that


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