Humbug Mountain Beach

Searching for Coal Point

Yesterday we explored the beach from Rocky Point south to the waterfall. Today we drive further south to the Humbug Mountain Trailhead to walk north along the beach toward Coal Point.

So, instead of heading up the mountain trail, we take a detour under Highway 101…

….leading to Humbug Mountain State Park Campground.

We take the campground road leading to the beach trailhead that weaves back under the highway again.

Brush Creek runs parallel to the trail before merging into the Pacific Ocean.

Jeff finds a driftwood log to test his balance on.

The waves swell and crash onto shore.

Redfish Rocks…

I look north toward Rocky Point wondering if the far cliff to the left is Coal Point. Highway 101 winds through the mist above.

We walk to the group of rocks on the the shoreline, seen in the picture above. High tides bash them and low tides flow through them…

…creating a perfect habitat for the clinging colonies of barnacles, bivalves, sea anemones, seashells, and snails.

My skin still crawls when I come across these beehives of sea life. Yet, I am always amazed and fascinated and can’t stop taking pictures.

Meanwhile we continue walking north until the sandy beach becomes a rocky shore.

We abort our mission to find Coal Point and turn around, heading back toward Humbug Mountain.

Cool moments along the way…

Brush Creek hops, skips, and jumps into the Pacific Ocean.

Redfish Rocks, seagulls, and the creek carving a channel through the sand…

The creek hugging the side of Humbug Mountain…

…as we follow it back through the sand dunes and under the road again.

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