The Long and Winding Road… Again

Highway 1 to Bodega Bay

There’s no doubt about it. The road is narrow at times. The twists are hairpin curves. The views are gorgeous. But it’s no place for a 35-foot motorhome towing a car with a dolly! Especially with all the roadwork we encountered…

We took out 2 orange cones. Once the passenger-side mirror came too close to an obstacle and folded in on itself. And the tow dolly’s skid plate scraped many dips and steep turns. The electric cable that connects the dolly to the RV, to operate the brake lights and turn signals, now looks like a frayed piece of rope. We lost one of the small round protective screens on the propane heater exhaust. But the best mishap so far is still the one from September 17th where the cap to the leveling jack flew off and I had to walk back on Highway 1 looking for it.

Bodega Bay RV Park

We stop here for an overnight on our way to Monterey and Carmel.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Movie

After rolling in, hooking up, and carefully checking all the overhead storage compartments for falling items, we head out to the town of Bodega to take pictures of the school and church featured in the movie classic, The Birds.

The Potter School is the location of the scene where screaming children flee the building in panic. Nearby St. Theresa’s Church is also seen briefly.

Most of the exterior shots of the movie were filmed in and around Bodega Bay and the marina. You can read more about The Birds on these 2 websites: and

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