While We Are Away…

The Flash Flood of October 2018

On October 10th, Jeff drives to Denver with our dog Casey to stay with his son, David, for a few days and visit with his son, Andy, and his family. Emjay, Jasley, Jace, and Eliska are off school for the week.

On October 12th, my grandaughter’s first birthday, I fly to Ohio to attend “Reaganfest” on the 14th:

The “Von Kelly’s Estate” is alive with the sights and sounds of celebration, the taste and smells of bratts, kraut, Bavarian pretzels, and warm potato salad, and the feelings of love.

Reagan “Von Kelly” dresses appropriately for the occasion…

…and looks up to her big brother Oliver with anticipation as he sings, “It’s somebody’s birthday!” all morning long.

The boys don their attire.

The cousins… (Leah, Reagan, Lydia, Caleb, and Oliver)

The smash cake…

…gets smashed, sort of. At least it’s all over Reagan! Oliver enjoys a chocolate oatmeal mountain cookie.

Reagan changes clothes to open gifts and I take a pic of the “Von Kelly” girls.

Oliver helps Reagan unwrap presents.

Daddy’s little girl…

Lots of new toys to play with…

Meanwhile, as October 12th turns into October 13th, rain drenches the Preserve. Even though the Preserve itself only received 5/8 of an inch, the Little San Bernardino Mountains that abut the Coachella Valley were hit with 2-3 inches of rain that poured down the alluvial fan plains causing 5 foot flash floods.

I thought Gregg was kidding me when he sent me the text. Then he sent me the following pics that I took seriously:

Notice the mud line on the sign. The water streamed over the boardwalk railing flattening all the salt grass in the wetlands.

Even the Palm House did not escape some damage.

Trails close.

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