Horseshoe Palms

A Goose-Chase of a Ghost Hunt

Harlan tells Jeff and me about the elusive ghost flower and where to look for it. So, off we go toward Pushawalla and head for Horseshoe Palms. We cross the Pushawalla Trail at the ridge and take the Hidden Palms Trail until it intersects with an unmarked but clearly defined social trail.

We hike parallel to Pushawalla and then descend into the length of the grove.

Actually you can’t get close up and personal with Horseshoe Palms, even on the social trail. The photo below gives you a good perspective. Also notice snow-capped San Gorgonio in the distance.

We reach the length of Horseshoe Palms and I capture a close-up of the greens and tans of palm trees sitting in front of the bright blue sky.

We encounter Cheese Bush with blooms…

Purple Notch-Leaved Phacelia poking through the rocks…

And this plant we cannot identify yet…

A friendly reptile basks in the January sun.

Barrel Cactus up close…

Even the desert has dandelions!

This notched white wildflower is Desert Chicory.

But, yes, we find no ghost flowers!

So… we take the Pushawalla Ridge Trail back.

Before we cross the street to return to the Visitor Center, look what I see… orange dodder on a mesquite tree against a deep blue sky.

Dodder is a parasitic plant that needs a host plant to survive. It may be a “user” but it sure makes for a gorgeous picture of color!

We didn’t find any ghost flowers, but we sure enjoyed a beautiful hike.

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