Dollar Road

Beyond Pushawalla

Today we hike the ridge of Pushawalla, descend onto the plateau, and take a side trail marked, Dollar Road.

A new perspective of mountains, hills, and plateaus appear.

And we discover more wildflowers…

Sandblazing Star

Ground Cherry

… And a unique view of the plateau trail leading to Pushawalla Palms and/or the Ridge.

The picture below shows the trail that leads down into Car Wreck Canyon and Pushawalla Palms.

Basking on a rock is a zebra tailed lizard, I think…

We turn around and head back to the Pushawalla Ridge where we take the wash trail back.

The wash trail is alive with blooming wildflowers…

Lupine and Desert Dandelion

Woody Bottle-Washer Primrose

Sandblazing Star and Brown-Eyed Primrose

This spot is our favorite and we call it Our Secret Garden because it is filled with a plethora of desert wildflowers.

Below is a close-up of Sweet Bush and Golden Poppy.

As we continue through the wash we encounter more…

Pigweed or Amaranth

Fremont Box Thorn

Bottle-Washer Primrose in bloom

Burro Bush


Wow! You know we will be back!

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