Back in Jernigan Land

And the U.S. of A. …

Monday, May 20th

Andy and I share a cab to Paddington Station and take the train to Heathrow where we both catch flights to the States. Andy flies for work and I return home.

Heathrow is a very impressive and efficient airport. After checking in and passing through the security checkpoint, you sit in a central terminal area and wait for your departure gate to be announced. Meanwhile, you have time to shop, snack, or sit down and eat. Announcements are posted an hour before departure. Once your gate is posted, you proceed as directed and present your boarding pass and passport and wait until your boarding group is called. Easy Peasey…

I arrive back in Jernigan Land at the Denver Airport around 5:30 PM. It’s snowing!

We stay in the Campbell Driveway Exclusive RV Resort for 4 more nights before moving to Cherry Creek State Park for another 7 nights.

Here are some pics of our visit with our grand-kiddos in Jernigan Land…

Mackenzie and Ruby playing in David’s apartment…

Jace and his school friend at the Rockies’ baseball game…

Jeff, his son Andy, and grandkids Jace and Jasley attended the game on May 25th. Jasley was part of an elementary school collective choir singing the Star Spangled Banner, opening the baseball game.

Backyard fun…

Cherry Creek State Park

Never a dull moment in Jernigan Land!

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