Lowest Tides of the Year

July 3rd… Tseriadan State Park and Agate Beach

Piddocks burrowing holes in rocks…

Pholadidea, also known as piddocks or angelwings, are a family of bivalve molluscs similar to a clam. One of the piddock’s shells has a set of ridges or “teeth” which it uses to grind away at rock to create tubular burrows. The shape of these burrows is due to the rotating motion of the piddock as it grinds the rock to make its home. The piddock stays in the burrow it digs for the entirety of its 8-year life span. Piddocks use a tube-like structure on their body, called a siphon, to filter water for food. (en.m.wikipedia.org)

Port Orford Heads is the huge land mass in the background. From the Coast Guard Museum you can walk out onto the Head and look over Agate Beach below. Do you see the footprints in the sand and a person walking? Those beaches are usually inaccessible except during minus tides.

Glorious tidal pools…

Limpets, barnacles, and mussels…

A kelp forest and emerald green seaweed…

The uncovered rocks are alive!

Jeff and I walk to the beach under Port Orford Heads.

I spy a purple Sea Star, a lime-green Anemone, and multi-colored kelp on my way back.

Too beautiful for words…

July 4th and 7th… Battle Rock State Park and Beach

Sea Stars and more…

The seashells move in this tidal pool!


A closer look at the inside of a Jellyfish…

The colors!

This Sea Anemone is eating a crab claw. Seriously… you try pulling it out of its grip!

I can’t stop taking pictures!

An osprey’s nest…

We discover friends on the beach too… Star Humans!

Jeff and I with Penny, John, and Dana…

Penny is a volunteer at Port Orford Library. She recycles used books. Dana is her husband. John is Cheryl’s husband. Cheryl is the Youth Services Librarian with whom I am volunteering with on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here she is on the end in this next picture…

Good, good people! The true stars of Port Orford!

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