Washed Ashore Project

Art to Save the Sea…

Paulene and I spend a “girls’ day” in Bandon’s Old Town on the Coquille River.


We have breakfast at the Minute Cafe.





We enjoy browsing through the stores in Old Town.

THEN, we discover these outside sculptures created from trash!

We head inside to the Washed Ashore museum and we are amazed!

Washed Ashore builds and exhibits aesthetically powerful art to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in oceans and waterways and spark positive changes in consumer habits. (Mission Statement)

Look what you can crotchet out of plastic bags…

These exhibits will astound you!

A sea star…

A sea anemone…

Dinosaur bones…

A shark…

A seahorse…

A sea turtle…

The plaque below Tula the Turtle points out that nearly all species of sea turtle are now classified as threatened or endangered. Humans are primarily responsible for the decline in their numbers.

Plastic bags are one of the most common marine debris items in global oceans where they can be mistaken as jellyfish and eaten by sea turtles and other animals.

B.Y.O.B… Bring Your Own Bag… Every bag you refuse could save a turtle’s life!


I’m not sure about this one. I call it the Darth Vader forest…

Styrofoam rocks and barnacles…

…and Paulene in the middle…

The project area is sorted by color.

We spend a few minutes sorting out bottle cap rings.

WashedAshore.org… Art to Save the Sea


Founder and Director, Angela Haseltine Pozzi, began this project in 2010 with the help of interns, apprentices, a small dedicated staff and thousands of community volunteers. Together, under Angela’s direction, they began creating artwork made completely from garbage collected from beaches.

Now, thousands of pounds of marine debris have been removed from beaches and processed into over 60 works of art which travel the country to raise awareness and teach about the tragedy facing sea life in the world’s oceans. (plaque in museum)

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