I Spy With My Little Eye

Sightings on the Preserve

A Roadrunner…

Along Bee Mesa… He poses on a rock just long enough for me to snap a pic. I got it!

A Raven nibbling on a drupe of palm fruit…

Did I forget to mention that the palm tree and fruit are directly over our RV?

Desert Holly…

Along the switchbacks to Squaw Hill…

The Rockettes Trail… 

An offshoot of the Smoke Tree Ranch Trail, leading across Thousand Palms Canyon Road to Hidden Palms and Pushawalla Palms…

Newly established last summer, this trail is a work-in-progress for our Preserve Manager, Ginny. Too many hikers’ shoe prints are off-trail so Ginny is posting signs to remind guests that they need to stay on-trail and off delicate habitat.

I helped her one day to line the trail with rocks, sweep off shoe prints, and post signs. This led me to my personal goal of lining the rest of one side of this 1/3 mile trail with rocks.

Since then, Mary, a tenured volunteer and docent, and I are slowly lining the other side. Harlan christened it with the name Rockettes.

An abandoned bike way off trail next to Squaw Hill…

Mary and I schlepped this unrideable vehicle back to the dumpster.

A Costa’s Hummingbird on the Indian Palms Trail…

There’s always something new and different to see in this magical sacred space we call home for 7 months.

And finally…

“Frozen” hot cocoa for the Keurig!

This one’s for you, Reagan💜

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