All About Oliver

A Sanfilippo Story by Grammy L

“I knew this day would come…”

Jen shares…

“I knew this day would come, and I know the day has long passed where Oliver’s younger sister Reagan has become the big sister. We often find ourselves asking Reagan to give Oliver a chance to answer questions on colors, letters, sounds, counting. I ask her to slow down singing her ABCs so Oliver can add a few letters to the song. These were all things he knew when he was two.

When he initiates play by taking her stuff, when he pulls and tugs and wrestles her with no sense of safety, she takes it in stride.

She says she’s a ‘capable girl’ – she has no idea the depth of her strength that she has and will continue to need. Her love for Oliver asks for nothing. They root fiercely for each other. They love fiercely for each other.”

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