All About Oliver

A Sanfilippo Story by Grammy L…

A great birthday party with great friends!

Sunday April 4th, (yes it’s Easter Sunday) Oliver celebrated his birthday with his 3 special friends from school: Jack, Henry, and Zev…

…at Tree of Life Play & Cafe…

3708 Fishinger Blvd., next to Get Air trampoline park

And of course Reagan invited her special friend, Lily…

What a great place for a party! The slide and ball pit area let Oliver, Jack, and Henry bounce, climb, and run off steam. Zev really enjoyed the slide and was a good sport as the other 3 amigos kept corralling him. Oliver, who does not realize his own roughhousing, made sure to let Henry’s dad know, though, when Henry was out of control.

Zev’s mom was so touched that Zev was invited to Oliver’s birthday party. “This is the first birthday party he has ever been invited to!”

What a great birthday party! We even did a take 2 on singing happy birthday because Grammy L thought she was videoing the song, but, alas, oh, Grammy L wasn’t. Henry’s dad, Steve, (the same dad Oliver kept calling and finding and taking his hand to “tattle” on Henry), calmly said, “Let’s do it again.” So we did!

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