All About Oliver (And Reagan too)

A Sanfilippo Story by Grammy L…

Good Sports

The Miracle League of Central Ohio was formed in 2005 with the mission of building a unique baseball field for athletes with mental and physical challenges in the Columbus area. The city of Dublin generously donated the land.

Oliver and his two best friends, Jack and Henry, played in the 2021 season. Every player on each team took 2 turns at bat and advanced each base one by one. Assisted by parents and family and friends most athletes were more enthused than Oliver who preferred eating snacks and playing in the nearby playground.

Meanwhile, Reagan played soccer in the Spring and cheerleaded for The Mets (when she wasn’t too busy playing with Henry’s sister, Andy, beside the bleachers…)

Good people crawl out of the woodwork celebrating our children’s best together…We never imagined such opportunities existed!

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