Loose Ends

This is it. The RV is no longer rambling and wandering from adventure to adventure. It’s time. Jeff and I are planting roots in Columbus, Ohio to help care for Oliver, assist Brian and Jen, and be a big part of Reagan’s life. We are full-time Sanfilippo grandparents now as it takes a village to support Ollie and his family with this tragic diagnosis.

I am shutting down my online journal for good and preserving the memories from our almost 6 year adventure in print format now… Almost 20 soft bound volumes!

But first I have some leftover drafts to catch up on and publish, so your email will be dinging tonight several times as I tie up all my loose ends and say goodbye. I have to publish so I can print!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I am so very happy Jeff and I had the opportunity to live in an RV and explore the beautiful country we live in. We met incredible people along the way and shared so many wonderful experiences.

But, it’s not over until the fat lady sings! So, tomorrow this fat lady will post one last piece as the wandering gypsy and Jeff will turn the RV over to another couple. May their adventures be as fulfilling as ours!

Reagan gives Grammy L a makeover:

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