Off to Great Places!

Photo  above by Fred Pflughoft, provided by Wyoming Travel & Tourism


Seuss, Dr. Oh, the places you’ll go! New York: Random House, 1990

My husband, Jeff, and I became full-time RVers on August 31, 2015 right after we closed on selling our house and left Cincinnati, OH in a 35-foot motor home towing our Scion IQ.

This site is dedicated to our story, all the preparations we did to change our lifestyle, our adventures, our foibles, and lessons we’ve learned in an RV… so far… and our continuing education.

It is my way of creating a personal library of information, reflections and memoirs.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we bought a motor home and sold our house before ever having been in an RV before?

Here is our story…

During a surreal walk through the geysers in Yellowstone National Park in June of 2013, my husband and I came up with a plan to sell everything we own and purchase an RV to live in.


We were tired of the cold dreary winters in Ohio and had just discovered that there were other part-time job options for us apart from becoming a Walmart Greeter.

It was at Mount Rushmore that I impulsively asked the gift shop cashier, (while purchasing a book to be autographed by the last living sculptor who helped carve the mountain side), “How did you get to work here and do you like it?”

mountrushmore (1)

That’s how I learned about the website for the older and bolder…


Cool Works

where seasonal jobs are available, in National Parks and other hospitality and guest service industry oriented Jobs in Great Places, throughout the United States.

As an information broker (teacher/librarian) the idea of a new lifestyle motivated me to research an exciting future!

My husband, Jeff, is a successful professional server and that’s how we met, long story short, working in a local restaurant together. Between the two of us, as teacher and cook, waiter and entrepreneur, we certainly qualify as hospitable, organized and service oriented!

So, what follows is our journey from inception to my retirement, to actualized dream…

  NEXT… Downsizing 101

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