Pork and Sausage Suppers

header image courtesy of modernfarmer.com

Pork is the “other” white meat. But to Jeff, pork is sausage, bacon, hot dogs, kielbasa, and sometimes tenderloin and chops. We compromise with turkey kielbasa and chicken sausage. Click the link for the recipe.

image Sauerkraut and Sausage Casserole

Turkey kielbasa is combined with sauerkraut, apple, caraway, cider vinegar, brown mustard, and white wine. Then the mixture is topped with thinly sliced potatoes before baking in the oven.

image Greens, Cannellini Beans, and Andouille Sausage Pan Stew

Kale, balsamic vinegar, thyme, and garlic add a punch to the beans and chicken andouille sausage.

image  Slow-Cooker White Bean and Kielbasa Stew Photo by Sang An

Dried beans make this a perfect dish for the crockpot. But you can substitute canned beans and make it on the stovetop instead. Just omit the chicken broth.

image Quinoa with Sausage and Peppers

Combining the quinoa with chicken broth, cider vinegar, mustard, and honey gives this slow cooker dish a sweet and sour kick.

image Sausage, Cauliflower, and Kale Pot Pie       Photo by Johnny Valiant

The traditional pot pie takes on a healthier twist and becomes a well-balanced meal in itself. I use ready-made pie crusts instead of puff pastry sheets or a tube of biscuit dough. The cauliflower and kale combo is delicious!

img_5170 Pork and Noodle Bowl

Boneless pork sirloin marinates in Asian salad dressing. (I looked on line and made my own.) Browned pork strips are then combined with whole wheat or rice pasta, packaged broccoli slaw and the rest of the Asian dressing. Top with sliced almonds, chopped cashews, or whatever nuts you have on hand.

img_5171 One-Pan Sausage and Roasted Roots

An easy dish of roasted sweet potatoes, red beets, and chicken sausage… served with a Greek yogurt, mayo, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce

img_4947 Slow Cooker Ham and Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potatoes, cannellini beans, and leftover ham, oh my! Add greens for a one-dish meal.


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