Hesperia, CA

Leaving Pismo Beach

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort…

Santa barbara and the coast


Mussel Shoals Beach and Community… A long pier extends out from the center of this community and connects to a man-made island that is a disguised oil platform.

Places to stay overnight along the coast with no hookup to water, electricity, or waste… In RV lingo this is called boondocking and is free.

Really heading east… Just south of Ventura we take Highway 126 East where we pick up I-5 South for 10 miles. Then we take Highway 14 East for 35 miles to Palmdale where we continue heading east on Highways 138 and 18.

Meanwhile we desperately look for a place to stay overnight. We finally find a place at the intersection of U.S. Highway 395 South and Route 66…

Desert Willow RV Resort

We arrive right before the office closes and rest peacefully overnight for only $35! Tomorrow we have less than 100 miles to go to get to Thousand Palms Oasis.

Pismo Beach

Pismo Creek

Just hundreds of feet from where our RV is parked…

The trail is sandy and narrow as it winds around the creek, but beyond the sand dunes in the distance lies Pismo Beach.

Meanwhile we enjoy the scenery as we slog through the sand…

Wind-battered trees…

Ice plants…

The ice plant is an invasive succulent shrub Native to the coast of South Africa where the climate is similar to coastal California. In the early 1900s it was introduced to the state as an erosion stabilizer tool used on railroad tracks and roadsides. It was also sold as an ornamental plant. The ice plant spreads easily and forms a large thick mat that chokes out native plants and alters soil composition. (wildlife.ca.gov)

And finally we reach the Pacific Ocean…

Back on Highway 101

Leaving Carmel And heading east

We decide to give up our adventures of driving on Highway 1 with a motorhome towing our car as we head to Pismo Beach.

The marine layer

Just as we enter San Luis Obispo, a massive white cloud ho res over the hills.

Within minutes, the clouds begin turning the blue sky gray.

The pacific coast again

As we enter Pismo Beach, Highway 101 connects with Highway 1.

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

A ┬ávery h-u-g-e complex of RV timeshares, we settle in for 2 nights…