What’s Cooking

The RV we live in has a microwave oven, a 3-burner propane stovetop, and a propane oven that is big enough to hold a 9×13-inch baking dish.


I was expecting a microwave-convection oven and didn’t know if I would be happier with an oven instead. I discovered that a propane oven is not very good for baking desserts (yet.) Cooking  casseroles and roasting vegetables require longer pre-heating times, higher oven temperatures, and about 15-20 minutes longer in the oven. But I’m still learning. (Oh, I wish I had kept my bread-maker!)

The stovetop burners have an array of flame settings, but really have only 2 settings: high and medium.

We have a 10-piece nesting set of Magma cookware with 2 interchangeable lids and handles.

image walmart.com

We also purchased a non-stick skillet. Last, but not least, we have a 3-quart slow cooker which means that many crockpot recipes need to be halved.

image crock-pot.com

Cooking and collecting recipes has been my hobby since I was eleven. My boys will tell you that I rarely made the same recipe twice. I always strived for something new and unusual.

My palate includes low-fat substitutes, vegetarian dishes, “you’ll never believe this is vegan”, old-fashioned favorites, and paleo recipes. Now, I look for meal ideas that are easy and healthy, and don’t require special ingredients or spices.

Since we can’t count on finding a Whole Foods or Trader Joes to shop at we rely on fresh produce first, frozen vegetables second, and in a pinch we buy canned goods. In the summer months we  look for farmers’ markets.

Even if you are not living like us in an RV, I hope you can enjoy our favorite meals, even if you only prepare them once!

image     Beefed-Up Entrees

image    Chicken Concoctions

image     Egg-cellent Recipes

image     5 Ingredient (ish) Paleo Recipes

image     Other Good Stuff

image     Pasta-Mania

image     Pork and Sausage Suppers

image     Slow Cooker Sensations

img_4956     Tuna Fish

image     Vegetarian and Vegan Vittles