Who is Gypsy Laurel?

img_5005 I am a retired, homeless, school librarian fulfilling a dream of living on the road in a 35-foot motor home with my husband, Jeff, and our 2 rescued dogs, Casey and Murph.

I am a free spirit, until I forget to live in the moment and start to worry about life, money, mortality… yadda  yadda. I am a gypsy, maybe literally for all I know. My roots are in Eastern Europe where the Roma wandered before me.

I am the mother of 3 awesome sons and 2 awesome stepsons. Together, Jeff and I share 5 grandchildren, with one on the way! Learning how to be a long-distance grandparent is challenging but appeals to my creative juices. All of my daughters-in-law, Daisy, Jen, and Amanda,  are amazing, intelligent, independent, and beautiful women. I am loved!

My oldest son nicknamed me Crazy Laurel. Perhaps a glimpse of my WordPress profile explains why:

Who sells everything, buys an RV, and lives in it full-time with absolutely zero experience? That’s me and my husband, Jeff! I invite you to follow our adventures and misadventures, learn a bit, laugh, and share your comments and wisdom.

Yep, that’s me in a nutshell, haha!

And so, my life as a wandering gypsy begins as I go Off to Great Places!